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Diversity, unity, brotherhood
Share values, give sense

Paix pour Alep

Ø 37 cm

Ma bibliothèque est mon jardin

33x56 cm



Soyez le monde

50x50 cm

Sainte Anne

Ø 28 cm

Saint Michel

Ø 28 cm

Le monde change chaque fois que quelqu'un partage

48x55 cm

Pasquebeaux écolos

32,5x50 cm

Crédit photos Emeline Boileau

The artist

Creations of unique drawings and original tapestries, bearers of meaning.

The writings, forms and colors are chosen for their symbolism.

The art tapestries are made with needle and wool of Aubusson, on canvas that can be suitable for a seat.


You can contact me through email :
facebook : @marienoelle.artiste
instagram : @marienoelle.artiste
Or by phone :
+33 6 75 78 83 89
Prices upon request
The workshop in Tharon (France) can be visited with an appointment.
Crédit photos Emeline Boileau
Other contacts :
Thanks to the following professionals for our valuable collaborations :
Catherine de Lestrange : www.plaisirs-tapisserie.fr
Ateliers Pinton : pinton1867.com
Filature Terrade : sarl-filature-terrade.fr
Emeline Boileau artiste-photographe : emelineboileau.fr
Colin Moinard : colinmoinard.fr
Crédit photos Emeline Boileau